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Auto Pen

• A real pen-on-paper message
• Unique custom messages with a personal look
• Nearly 100% open rate by the recipient
• 200% to 300% better results compared to My Font inkjet or laser personalized mail
• Proprietary autograph font software
• 10-character randomization for all font creations
• Communicates believability and realization to recipient
• Custom fonts available
• 250 Autopen machines

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Pen Point Technologies

• #1 custom handwriting software compatible to ANY inkjet or laser printer
• Custom digital fonts
• 10-character randomization for all fonts
• Low cost alternative to Autopen

Full-Service Mail Shop

• Ameritek High Speed Tabber
• Astrojet 3800 Inkjet Machine
• Postmatic Stamping Equipment
• Accuzip Full Service Mailing Software
• Five Digital Presses
• Commercial Grade Cutter
• Two Baum High Volume Folders

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Customer Service

Pioneer has the highest expectations of our project management coordinators. They are dedicated to your project from start to finish. If 100% of the people that receive your direct mail are going to open it, our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with what they’re opening.

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Pioneer Production Facility
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Suite 200
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Administration Location

Pioneer Billing & Administration
3600 Chamberlain Lane,
Suite 114
Louisville, KY 40241




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